Another mobile post

I am writing this walking home from the hospital. I went back (although only 5 hours instead of 3 days) as my abdominal pain returned. But after various blood and urine tests, they found nothing. Instead they gave me some strong pain-killers (Co-codamol) which is all I wanted when it happened in October and I went to the Doctors.

Also whilst there, I saw the other side of the police you don’t often see on the news. A elderly lady was told she would have to wait at Least an hour for ambulance to take her home.

But one of 4 police officers I could see (who were at the hospital with someone they arrested who was suffering withdrawl symptoms) offered to take her instead. Just goes to prove there are some good ones out there.

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

What is with this Heat Wave in the UK (and some other places in Europe).

I am now looking forward to Monday and going into work, so I can enjoy the Air Conditioning. I am also one of those weird people whohate the Summer weather. I can honestly say I prefer the Winter months.

I have restarted my SlimFast diet as I stopped due to some pains in my stomach, but this weekend, I have been enjoying the Banana and Strawberry milkshakes. Maybe I can also make the most of the weather and sweat away a few pounds aswell.