IC-E90 70MHz Mod

IC-E90 70MHz Mod70MHz:- Diode connection to be unsoldered for 70 MHz Tx.

This mod was also done to my Radio. Not sure how much use I will get from it.

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3 Responses to IC-E90 70MHz Mod

  1. G7LXB says:

    Hi Paul, does the the 70mhz mod to the IC-E91 work OK or does it give other problems.
    thanks for your help

  2. Paul, MØTZO says:

    Hi Bill,

    This Mod was done by my Uncle (now SK), and as far as I now was only for the IC-E90. I am no electronics expert, so would not be able to advise you on ths.

    Paul MØTZO

  3. G7LXB says:

    does your ic-e91 tx ok on 70mhz, have you tried it yourself?

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