Modern Steam Engine?

I am currently watching a TV programme on BBC1 called “Fred Dibnah’s Age of Steam”. My crazy thought whilst watching it was the following.

This all our modern knowledge and technology, I can’t help but wonder what a Steam Engine would look like if it was designed and built today. How efficient would it be? Would modern material like Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, etc be used? Is there computer systems that could be used to design it? Or is this just too crazy? (Please give me credit if you ever do decide to design/build a modern engine and was inspired by my ramblings)

England v Croatia

I am writing this down the pub (Although will probably publish to my Blog later). A few of us went down as England and Croatia are playing, although I am not keen on football. At this time England are 2-0 up. It’s been a good night but as time draws on the numbers are dwinderling.

Second AAS/Mobitopia Pub Meet

On Tuesday (12 August 2003) this week, I attended the second AAS/Mobitopia pub meet. I arrived at about 6:15(ish) and I believe I was the first there (I left just after time at the bar aournd 11:10). This was due partly to the fact I headed to The Dover Castle straight from work.

Eventully there was about 18 people from AAS & Mobitopia and what a night it was.

The guest speaker of the night was the owner of AllAboutSymbian, Rafe.

Prizes were on offer in the Raffle which there was so many prizes everyone won and got something. I got a Black Symbian T-Shirt.

Also there was discussion of Symbian devices including the soon to be released N-Gage.
I will hopefully be posting some photos to the AAS forum gallery. Keep an eye out for them

On This Day 1980: Shipyard Poles strike for their rights
Shipyard workers in Gdansk, Poland, strike in protest over the dismissal of a trade union activist

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

What is with this Heat Wave in the UK (and some other places in Europe).

I am now looking forward to Monday and going into work, so I can enjoy the Air Conditioning. I am also one of those weird people whohate the Summer weather. I can honestly say I prefer the Winter months.

I have restarted my SlimFast diet as I stopped due to some pains in my stomach, but this weekend, I have been enjoying the Banana and Strawberry milkshakes. Maybe I can also make the most of the weather and sweat away a few pounds aswell.