From a Mad chat on Mobitopia about watches, we have come up with what we want in a decent watch that got the name the FrankenMobiWatch

? Analogue or Digital
? Solar or Kinetic
? Radio Controlled (From Rugby and or Frankfurt)
? That can switch times zones Automatically (possibly via GPS)
? Small form factor
? Deluxe Options MP3 & USB memory (so that the cheapskates don’t have to pay for it if they don’t want to! )

Icom OPC-478 Connector

Info for this Connector was obtained from ICOM CI-V Hardware Page

Here are some images of the OPC478 connector someone is making for me.

Icom OPC-478 Interface.

The ICOM design for the OPC-478 interface is a simple transistor circuit used for cloning. The version by Chris VK3JEG gives equivalents for the transistor and diode parts. That version is the one commonly found on the internet. However the one from ICOM Japan’s site has a few modifications. I have added the transistor and diode equivalences from VK3JEG’s copy of the earlier version of the interface. WA0SXV has some reservations that this design might not properly implement the RS-232 protocol.
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