Club Trophy(s)

G3DCZ Golden Jubilee Trophy

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What are you on about?
I knew I had won the Monday Night Contest (the Small tankard) at the Local Radio Club Sutton and Cheam Radio Society. Basically each complete year club members have to work as many stations between 20:00 – 00:00 every Monday. 2 points awarded for non-club members, 5 for members (approx 65 members in club) and 30 for club calls (2 club calls), but I also had another surprise.

I won the Sutton and Cheam Radio Society’s G3DCZ Golden Jubilee Trophy. It takes into account things like, attendance at Club meetings, participation in contests, entries in construction contests, and some other things for good measure. The Chairwomen (and myself) had to do a double check. I was in Shock.

So these now have pride of place (dependent on Nephew being able to reach) on our sitting-room TV.

What’s Next? Maybe the Advanced (Full) Licence!