Blessing or Curse

On Wednesday my cable box stopped working. At the time I was rather annoyed.

Thursday night I was at my Radio Club (even won 2 trophies – visit 2E0TZO link) so didn’t want to watch any television.

Still my cable box was not working (tried unplugging for longer periods) and missed the launch of Big Brother. This annoyed me a bit, especially starting on a Thursday, but on Saturday I found a repeat on E4.

Well I think now it was a blessing that my box is broken because of the Shabhaz housemate.

So for now, I am fine reading the C4 website and DS:BB sites for updates.

In regards to the actual box, I phoned my cable company on Friday and was told Tuesday would be earliest to send engineer. I asked about possibly phoning on Saturday to find a cancellation, but was told there probably won’t be any. 1pm on Saturday I phoned them again and low and behold I got an engineer early Monday. Sometimes it pays to be persistant.