Waiting for Post

In earlier posting I mentioned I ordered a Battery for my Yaesu FT-897 from an eBay store. The parcel still hadn’t arrived from 9th August so emailed HamStop.com to query this.

Got a very quick reply, and was posted via USPS on 10th August, but from my past dealings with USPS I know they aren’t the quickest. It would be nice to have for the upcoming Bank Holiday Weekend, although I am not holding my breath.

I have solved the earlier problem with my Solar Charger and the Battery I take out /p or /m. It seems the Jump-start leads have a charge protection, but I found a lead to charge from a car lighter socket I had buried in my shack and have modified so can now charge the pack.

Site Info update:- I have updated the site to enable me to run the lastest (alpha / beta) versions of WordPress and the K2 theme. If there are any problems please let me know so I can feedback, but so far all seems well.

2 Replies to “Waiting for Post”

  1. All they could offer was a “Customs Delivery” number. Don’t think this is a tracking number (although looks like one).

    I tried inputting into Track & Trace and came up with a delivery from March. If not received by Weekend, will email them again (and will start emailing more frequently).