XPeriencing XP

So, I have finally upgrade my old laptop (can’t afford to upgrade the machine) to Windows XP from Windows ME. For those interested, it’s a Sony Vaio QR-10 sporting a Celeron 650 MHz, 64 (now 192) MB RAM, 10 GB hard drive, 13.3 in. TFT Active Matrix, CD-ROM, Microsoft Windows ME, 6.62 lb.

And what a Headache.

First, backed everything up on my 80Gb drive. Then (eventually after 2 hour seach as was looking for green coloured, but was silver) I setup my laptop back to machine default installation and removed the partitions back to a single drive.

Once back to Base ME installation, I then installed XP. I started about 7pm with backups and finished Base XP install by 3am. As I write this, have most main programs I need installed, with some minor apps still to go. Most of the day was taken up getting my Hauppauge (pronounced Hop-Pog) WinTV USB card going.

I fear I still many more hours to go. But at moment enjoying a chat with some Ham Friends on eQSO.