No Smoking

Didn’t notice, but a few days ago my No Smoking Counter (Thanks to JW for writing the PHP) passed the 2 YEARS mark.

OK, I guess this is the time to confess to having about 10 cigars at Birthday parties, New Year and Christmas celebrations, but 10 Cigars compared to 6200+ cigarettes can’t be as bad.

There have been times I have wanted a cigarette and the urge to have once is still there, it more than likely always will be. Hopefully (except for occasional cigars) I won’t go back to smoking.

My tips for giving up:-

  • YOU must be ready to give up! You will know when!
  • Give up Cold Turkey (No Patches, or Cigarette replacements)
  • Keep Busy (early on when I wanted a Cigarette, I made a coffee)
  • Try not to convert others to Non-Smoking (I still try without thinking – Am I Bad)
  • Don’t Change your habits (If you for example go to pubs when smoking, don’t give that up. If you have to stop going places are you ready???)

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