Warlingham Ridge

Today, James (M0BOV) and myself went up to a car park out side Purley in Warlingham.

What a Day. Didn’t get many contacts, but Tried a few on a 2m Halo, then put up a Long-Wire. My Yaesu FT-897D was set-up on a bench after a small bit of gardening.

The Weather was another Story. To say was changeable was understating it. I had 3 attempts at using the set-up. In between the rig was (hastily) put into the car boot.

After a QSO into Italy on attempt 3, the heavens opened again and I finally admitted defeat. Below are some photos taken when the Sun was out.

Car Park Bench is Where?Bench is Buried2m Halo

FT-897 connected to 2m HaloFT-897 Connected to Long-Wire AntennaRain in Distance
Lessons Learned:-

  • Check Weather before Operating /m or /p
  • Make sure if others are with you operating Have Handhelds ready in case weather sets in
    • 1st attempt we didn’t have the handheld
  • Remember Wire Strippers (forgot those) or even a full tool-kit
  • A WaterProof Log would have helped
  • To take a umbrella that didn’t leak
  • A few other things I can’t remember now