Idea for Online Banking

I have sent the following to my Bank in the hope this feature could be added. Wonder if they will read, and if they do, can or will they implement?

Would it be possible to add a feature where we could mark money via Online Banking for Direct Debits, Standing Orders, Cheques or Card Payments so that when I use cashpoint or online banking it doesn’t allow me to remove that money from account?

Actual Balance = £250.00
Mark £40.00 for cheque I have sent
Cashpoint shows my Balance as £210.00

Hopefully it will mean I won’t accidently (or purposely) remove that money and cheque will not bounce.

(Maybe even option at Cashpoints???)

One Reply to “Idea for Online Banking”

  1. Problem is that banks make big bucks from overdraft charges. Nice idea, I tend to keep a running “book” of my balance, I take off all my DD and SO from my salary. This gives me my NET pay which I work from.

    I try and get my DD and SOs done at the start of the month.

    In fact, add all your outgoings up, then subtract that total, from your pay slip, this gives you your “real” pay.