More from M2W

Been busy here at M2W. I have been here whole time since Friday evening, except last night to go get a take away, and I am bloody knackered.

Last few hours I have spent logging for the main station. It still amazes me that people can hear calls and all I hear is noise. Guess I still need more practice on the HF.

Whilst we may not be heading to get any awards, quiet a few of the operators this weekend haven’t operated in contests before or just had a limited amount of contesting. On the plus side, we are on track to beating our score for last year so long as the QSO’s keep coming through.

With only about 6-8 hours sleep all weekend, I think that shortly even though 10:20am, I may have to put my head down for another few hours sleep.

After the contest I will post on WARG site the hourly score card we kept along the way.

I also have some more photos to add to the gallery, but at current size will take an eternity to upload so will crop at home before uploading.

If you are/have been operating this weekend, may I wish you Good Luck.