Telewest Teleport Replay

So I have thought about switching to Sky at one time or another, but again my view of Telewest(NTL) has been strengthened.

Feel asleep for few hours on Sunday and missed Torchwood (Dr Who spin-off series). Was I worried. No.

Thankfully Telewest has a system for people like me who even forget to program videos.

In the early hours of the morning when CSI had finished on the new Five US channel I merely went to the interactive service on Telewest called Teleport. From there I selected Torchwood from 5th Nov and watched the program I had missed, even though I had not even selected to record it. Also no box upgrade with a Hard Drive was needed and the basic service is free.

Currently it offers programs from BBC, Channel 4, and LivingTV, with many programs from the last 7 days.

I even caught a episode of TopGear before heading to bed.

One Reply to “Telewest Teleport Replay”

  1. As you know, I have Sky HD. Telewest isn’t in my area anyway, but I do agree that Teleport is a good feature. I believe Sky are planning something similar with Box Office movies for people with Sky and/or Sky HD.

    However, in Sky’s defence, users of Sky and Sky HD can use, if properly configured, Series Links, to record stuff like that to ensure that you never miss an episode.

    I’d still prefer Sky to Telewest, but that’s just me. And I’m fab. =)