Lift on 2m

Map of stations worked on 2M liftThere was a big lift on the 2M band this evening. Was noticable during our club net as lots of static in the background and then was advised by another club member that he had just worked German stations on 2M SSB.

So the net soon came to an end and we moved to 2M SSB band. As I have only a Vertical Antenna at moment didn’t hear some stations others could hear. So I went back to FM. I was glad I did.

As the Ham Radio Deluxe map above shows, I worked over 300kms (190miles) on at least one contact and the others were quite far (for me) as well.

I has given me the kick I needed to get my 2M beam sorted and have removed one bolt in the hope I can get some Butterfly nuts for it soon for quick assembly/disassembly.

On another point, I have sold my MFJ ATU (see a previous post) and my new LDG Auto ATU is on route. A little while ago checked the ParcelForce website and has landed and cleared customs (with a small fee to pay), but as with my Battery Pack have still made savings.

After all the QSO’s tonight, I think is time for bed. Also all logs up-to-date on eQSL.

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  1. Well, I seem to find comments and things about me all the time on the internet, some are good and some are bad, but oh well..

    Thank you for our contact we had. If theres anyone whos interested, I have a webpage on my site dealing with FM-DX, vertical and horizontal, who says FM has to be vertical? To be honest our contact wasnt that far, in flat band conditions I can work all over the place, in gen HFM, but with a slight change to my antenna system now vertically too. But I am always trying out things, hope to work you again sometime soon, you have an interesting website.

    Please check out my SSB and HFM recordings I did (to find out which was best in fair conditions), you maybe surprised at the results, but on the otherhand….

    Thanks for the blog entry!