6-BTV has arrived

OK, in case of problems or I jinxed it didn’t mention before, but I recently ordered a Hustler 6-BTV.

I was going to use a well know UK outlet, but a check the day before on eBay turned up on for a lot less and still New in Box.

So I brought on BuyItNow and (finally) arrived whilst I was at work on Monday.

The seller was among the best I have dealt with on eBay. But was let down by Business Post.

Was going to write full Business Post drama, but lets just say was terrible service, and website.

Anyway, back to antenna. In new year will get the DXEngineering Tilt Base Kit so don’t have to keep antenna up all the time.

2 Replies to “6-BTV has arrived”

  1. Hello. I’m G6GNE.

    I have read your info on the “tilt base kit” with great interest as I am toying with geting a 6BTV. Where are you going to get it from?

    Thanks, Jim.