New iMac

Well actually second-hand, but new for me.

Have just finshed adding the new OS to an iMac that has been given to me. OK, it’s a few years old and is only 500MHz, but is faster than my old G3 Mac running at 350MHz.

Before loading the MacOSX 10.4 Tiger, I had come to an agreement with the relative who gave me the computer that I would replace and return the HardDrive. This was so he could get anything he may want back, and I would start afresh.

I started with a seach on the internet and found some 120GiB drives, but although the price (about £35) was good, most of these cheap companies I hadn’t heard of. On Friday I finished work earlier than normal and I went into the town in search of a IDE drive. I was looking for a max size of 120GiB as the iMac won’t utilise bigger drives.

I ended up going to Maplin and getting an 80GiB drive, which although was £50 had some good points. Was in stock. I had the money.

So after getting home from my Radio Club, it took about 40 minutes to install the drive. It was then a few hours to install the OS and moving some files over from old computer and downloading updates and some programs I regularly use.

Well it’s now 04:15am and am more or less finished for what I can do tonight as need sleep.