IC-E90 Repair Update

Before opening IC-E90

Opened IC-E90

Before opening Opened

AF Unit removed IC-E90

RF Unit close-up IC-E90

AF Unit removed RF Unit close-up

Repairs done to my Icom IC-E90:-
* A Broken solder joint on SMA connector centre pin
* X, Y Difficult to unsolder grounds for AF Unit
* Z Rotary encoder connections to AF Unit were easier to unsolder


(desolder braid used to remove solder)


SMA centre pin only had a long solder blob to the PCB.
A few mm of braid was used to bridge the gap.

Surprise Letter

Prestigious Mugs Letter

M0TZO Badge

Callsign Mug Search

To understand this post, please read the attached letter which arrived unexpectedly on Saturday morning. I had asked that any post be brought up when it arrived. The letter from Prestigious Mugs I was not expecting.

Within the letter I could feel something. And the other photo shows what it was. A Callsign Badge.

It seems a post I made 10 days ago it generated Prestigious Mugs first overseas order. I have attached a Google search which proves at time that searching for “Callsign Mug” displays my site first.

Permission was obtained from Prestigious Mugs to display the Letter before writing this post

CAT, Tuner or Something Else?

Post Re-Written

After properly thinking about and re-reading, I have re-written the original post. (First 2 comments where posted under old post.)

The LDG AT-897 I have has CAT IN and CAT OUT sockets. The CAT cable has a plug on the end that is bigger than normal for so the casing can be removed. This bigger Plug doesn’t fit the CAT OUT.

So a Solution is Needed.

  • A Extender Cable
  • Make the hole in the ATU Bigger
  • Keep swapping the cables
  • Leave the  Tuner plugged in a Paper Log/Don’t Log
  • Somethign Else???

Actually speaking to my uncle he may have a 2 meter (OK, so slightly long) Extention Cable.

Callsign Mug

Callsign MugOK, so it maybe a bit vain, but I thought was about time I got some callsign stuff for the shack.

I’ve received (as mentioned in posting earlier) a Callsign Mug (which was well packaged). Mainly I intend to use it when out with local radio club.

I actually brought via eBay, but was a company who have a seperate website. http://www.prestigiousmugs.homecall.co.uk.

More photos can be found at gallery.m0tzo.co.uk/Feb2007/ where I have uploaded 5 photos (so far).

Oh and price. £6.50 (£4+£2.50P&P)

All I asked was as follows:-

  • Please add following Logos:-
    • RSGB, Yaesu, Icom
  • And Following Text:-
    • MØTZO
    • Paul
    • www.m0tzo.co.uk
    • Coffee / Milk / 3x sweetners