Callsign Mug

Callsign MugOK, so it maybe a bit vain, but I thought was about time I got some callsign stuff for the shack.

I’ve received (as mentioned in posting earlier) a Callsign Mug (which was well packaged). Mainly I intend to use it when out with local radio club.

I actually brought via eBay, but was a company who have a seperate website.

More photos can be found at where I have uploaded 5 photos (so far).

Oh and price. £6.50 (£4+£2.50P&P)

All I asked was as follows:-

  • Please add following Logos:-
    • RSGB, Yaesu, Icom
  • And Following Text:-
    • MØTZO
    • Paul
    • Coffee / Milk / 3x sweetners