CAT, Tuner or Something Else?

Post Re-Written

After properly thinking about and re-reading, I have re-written the original post. (First 2 comments where posted under old post.)

The LDG AT-897 I have has CAT IN and CAT OUT sockets. The CAT cable has a plug on the end that is bigger than normal for so the casing can be removed. This bigger Plug doesn’t fit the CAT OUT.

So a Solution is Needed.

  • A Extender Cable
  • Make the hole in the ATU Bigger
  • Keep swapping the cables
  • Leave the  Tuner plugged in a Paper Log/Don’t Log
  • Somethign Else???

Actually speaking to my uncle he may have a 2 meter (OK, so slightly long) Extention Cable.

2 Replies to “CAT, Tuner or Something Else?”

  1. The following link will take you to the “Supercontrol” website.

    The software was specifically designed to work around the problem you’re having. I myself plan to purchase it in the future, as my primary radios are the FT-47 & FT-857D.

    Hope this helps. If you go with this, let me know how it works for you.


    Ken N2OBY
    Fishkill, NY USA

  2. Thanks for that Ken, it’s not the Software I have a problem with, but maybe it’s the way I wrote my post.

    The problem is I have only have 1 item, either the Tuner or Computer plugged into the Radio and am always swapping the cables over.

    I need a hardware solution to my problem.

    BTW, I use Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) Software.

    Paul MØTZO