Give me Credit

The banks in their wisdom have given Gadget17 another credit card. “Oh No” I hear.

But not to worry, as it can’t get me in more debt.

I have applied and finally received a Pre-Pay credit card. It’s works like a mobile phone top-up in that you have to apply credit before use, and for me is safer option.

All is not well though as already made my first complaint. Yes, I got card yesterday and made complaint today.

I called them up to change from a monthly charge to a per-transaction charge. Half an hour later I finally got through to an adviser. When I mentioned how difficult it was for me to navigate as a new member he said he knew as I wasn’t the first to complain and they are “Trying” to sort out.

But within minutes of speaking to adviser he had sorted my original reason for calling out and advised me about 2nd query that the PIN could still take upto 5 working days to arrive from when the card arrives.

Also I noticed a small nowadays, but still possible security flaw in their system. I applied online, and activated card via phone, but I have not been asked to provide a specimen signature. Today most places will use Chip-and-Pin, but those that don’t or their system fails may want a signature. It’s possible a cloned card could easily provide a different signature to bank and they wouldn’t know.

On this point (at moment) there is a plus to prevent this. I currently have less than £20 on the card.