Icom IC-E90 going for repair

For some time now my Icom IC-E90 (similar to IC-T90 in look) handheld has had a problem in receiving signals if the antenna is moved on the radio. After reading on the IC-T90 Yahoo Group it seems I am not the only one. A little research through the posts and it seems that the solder connecting the antenna to radio can break.

So the IC-E90 is going to be spent to the Uncle who gave me the radio for a repair. I have sent photos and service manual to him and hopefully can resolve this issue and strengthen it to prevent or mimimise it happening again.

Also I have asked for photos to be taken of the repair so that I can post on my gallery and the IC-T90 Yahoo group in case problem happens again or for others.

OT:- I have ordered a Callsign Mug for when I am out with Radio Clubs or an Events. OK, it’s just to show off, but was only £4.00.