Ways to avoid debt

As I come to the end of over 7 years of paying back money on debts, I thought I would make a list of ways to avoid problems as a reminder for me and maybe others who read this.

  • Do Not use Credit Cards
    • Possibly get a pre-pay one
  • Do Not get Personal Loans without a goal
    • Buying a Car for example fine, but just to have money or to clear debt no.
  • Do Not have an overdraft
    • Especially, do not live in your overdraft
  • Do Not use check cashing services
    • The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) could be near 1,500% mark (not a typo)
  • Start a saving account, maybe an ISA
  • Pay for things with Cash
    • This is also a way to avoid problems with possible credit card fraud

I may add more items to this in the future, and please feel free to add your tips.

I want to avoid future debt.

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