Requested Call-Sign

OK, I can’t keep it in any longer.

When I sent off my Paperwork for my Foundation Amateur Radio License, it asked which Call-Sign you wanted. After a phone call my first choice had gone, but the second I put on the application was (and still is) available.

And the one I requested is M3TZO or Mike, Three, Tango, Zulu, Oscar.

The ones that used letters from my nickname had gone, but after trying to think of words that had 5 letters starting with ME, I then decided on 3 letters that didn’t have acronyms with it.

Hopefully I will get it! 🙂

On another Radio point, I have on Friday installed my 52ft (2x26ft) G5RV antenna in my loft. Took an hour or 2 of crawling around but is up an running. All I need now is my grounding wire.

QSL Card

Have started work on my QSL card. It’s a kind of postcard you send to other Amateur Radio operators when you have made a contact. Click continue to view a lower resolution version of the image.

I used an old Black and White map of Sutton in the 1800’s and Photoshoped it to add the Colour and a Texture to give an old feel. At the moment I cannot add my Call-Sign as I still don’t have one, but hopefully soon.

If you are wondering, my house is where the fields are in top right corner.
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Icom OPC-478 Connector

Info for this Connector was obtained from ICOM CI-V Hardware Page

Here are some images of the OPC478 connector someone is making for me.

Icom OPC-478 Interface.

The ICOM design for the OPC-478 interface is a simple transistor circuit used for cloning. The version by Chris VK3JEG gives equivalents for the transistor and diode parts. That version is the one commonly found on the internet. However the one from ICOM Japan’s site has a few modifications. I have added the transistor and diode equivalences from VK3JEG’s copy of the earlier version of the interface. WA0SXV has some reservations that this design might not properly implement the RS-232 protocol.
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