2 New Computers (well actually 3)

Since I last posted a long while ago it seems, I have acquired 2 new computers, but the household has 3 new machines.

I have got a HP 2133 Mini-Note:-

  • 1.2Ghz Processor
  • 2Gb RAM (upgraded from 1Gb it came with)
  • 120Gb Hard disk
  • 8.9″ Screen
  • Built-in Wifi, 2x USB2.0 ports, ExpressCard54 Slot, SD/SDHC Card slot
  • Windows Vista Home Basic
  • 3 Mobile network dongle
HP 2133 Mini-Note
HP 2133 Mini-Note

Also I now have a computer from my Uncle who passed away earlier this year:-

  • Lian Li PC-69 Case
  • AMD Sempron 3000+ @ 2GHz
  • 1536Mb Ram (3x 512Mb)
  • 2x Sony DVD/CD RW Drives
  • 2x 160 SATA drives (in Mirrored RAID array)
  • Windows XP Professional
  • 19″ Iiyama monitor
Lian Li PC-69 Case
Lian Li PC-69 Case

Finally the 3rd Computer, my mum got a Flat Screen iMac. It’s her computer, so not publishing more info on it.

Flipping Friday

To start this story I would say I used Flipping in the title, but for the fact I don’t who may read this I would have used a different word.

So on Friday where this story begins I am having lunch chatting to my friend well aware they are knocking down the buildings next door. I try filming a little but when I start filming the machine operator starts clearing up, so I delete the video and continue chatting to my friend.

At the end of lunch I check phone for messages and then put it into standby when back at my desk. This is at 13:00. I finish work at 16:30 & head to pub for couple of ciders before heading to Radio Club. When I sit down at pub waiting for colleagues to show up I check my phone. Oh dear. It’s off.

Turn it on and them when at today screen I find 1% only left. But why?

I think back and it dawns on me that I must have left the camera on (but not as a friend suggested recording the inside of my drawer).

Two more ciders later I head off to the Radio Club and get home about 11pm.

I am barely in the door and my Mum is saying that the cable TV box wasn’t working. I asked if she had unplugged and plugged back in. This had been done.

As I was tired from work I say I will look into it and head up to my room. Computer is switched on and I load up my TV program. Oh Dear. Looks like the upstairs Cable box is down.

Will just check my email and look at the problem in the morning.

“Server not found – Firefox can’t find the server at www.gmail.com.”

Restart the Modem. Same thing. This is not looking good. Sod waiting for tomorrow I am on the phone to Virgin Media straight away. The person who answered the phone said he was aware of problems in the neighboring town and would log my call.

I head off to bed. In the morning when I eventually am up I start computer and check modem. There is the same lack of activity lights.

After 9 phone calls to Virgin I finally get them to concede there is a problem, get a 2 engineers booked (1 for TV and 1 for Broadband) a £25 rebate and refund on the premium rate calls I had made (Yes calls to the Broadband line are 25p per minute). I was also put on the standby list for cancelled engineers & got them to activate dial-up as a stand-by measure.

At this stage I decide to look at the cable coming into the house. I thought that as there are 2 separate cables between the upstairs and downstairs the problem had to be outside of my house.

The cables near the house were fine. Then as I walk up the garden path, the horror as I realise that FM Conway are digging up the pavement. They have upon removing the top layer somehow cut the coax bringing my lovely TV and Broadband into the house.

I am back on the phone to Virgin to get this note added to the engineer’s orders.

This was written day after my problems started but posted 2 weeks later as couldn’t get text to blog before this time.


What a palaver. And I have lost loads of time. All because I suspected a computer of mine had a potential virus/trojan.

So as the computer had nothing critical, I decided to erase (almost) everything and start again. I say almost everything as the reinstall software was on the Hard Drive as I have no Win98SE CD.

Took me 3 times before I was happy. First time I didn’t make a clean install folder so everything was still there. Second time my lovely nephew turned off the PC half way through.

Third time it was almost finished and my nephew had to go to bed. All I had left was Internet Explorer 6 to install.