2 New Computers (well actually 3)

Since I last posted a long while ago it seems, I have acquired 2 new computers, but the household has 3 new machines.

I have got a HP 2133 Mini-Note:-

  • 1.2Ghz Processor
  • 2Gb RAM (upgraded from 1Gb it came with)
  • 120Gb Hard disk
  • 8.9″ Screen
  • Built-in Wifi, 2x USB2.0 ports, ExpressCard54 Slot, SD/SDHC Card slot
  • Windows Vista Home Basic
  • 3 Mobile network dongle
HP 2133 Mini-Note
HP 2133 Mini-Note

Also I now have a computer from my Uncle who passed away earlier this year:-

  • Lian Li PC-69 Case
  • AMD Sempron 3000+ @ 2GHz
  • 1536Mb Ram (3x 512Mb)
  • 2x Sony DVD/CD RW Drives
  • 2x 160 SATA drives (in Mirrored RAID array)
  • Windows XP Professional
  • 19″ Iiyama monitor
Lian Li PC-69 Case
Lian Li PC-69 Case

Finally the 3rd Computer, my mum got a Flat Screen iMac. It’s her computer, so not publishing more info on it.

It's Been a While

Well it’s been a few days since I posted anything here so what have I been up to.

I am back at work after 2 weeks Annual leave (and already feel I need some more leave).

What else. I have a Apple Mac G3 and have finally got Mac OS x (10.2.6 (Codename: Jaguar)). Also I got some kind of virus on my PC (Sony Vaio Laptop) and backed up about 200Mb of files and reinstalled from the original CDs. I have taken the precaution for future that only my Mac will now handle my E-mails. I will also be beefing up the Virus protection on the PC. I will install Norton Anti-Virus and Grisoft AVG, as well as ZoneAlarm.

Back to Mac OS X it has some interesting Features, and software (Some I think are unique). These include as standard: Safari (Mac Web Browser made by Apple (I believe)), Address Book (Which can connect to Bluetooth phone (with adapter) and display callers), iSync, iTunes, iMovie, iPhotos, iCal (Calendar) and more. Also installed Fire which is a Mac OS X Chat Client that connects to 6 messengers in 1 package (AIM, ICQ, IRC Jabber, MSN, Yahoo) and which is like Trillian for the PC.

Yesterday I have purchased for my Laptop a TV USB tuner. (Cost £35.99 from my local computer shop). Was the Hauppauge (pronounced Hop-Hog) WinTV USB and features include Full Screen Display, Screen Capture, and Teletext capabilities.

Lastly: Last Night I set up my 7 day Wine Home Brew Kit. I had thoughts that when I checked on it before I went to bed that it had not started bubbling, but I was relieved that when I checked this morning that was bubbling away nicely. Hopefully this time next week should have some nice wine to drink. (* Hiccup *)