Slingbox Pro

slingboxproI was given some money by my Grandparents as my Uncle passed away last year, and amongst things like a new Ham Radio (see I brought myself a Slingbox Pro. This was as my Slingbox Classic had stopped working.

Once the old Slingbox was removed and I was setting up the new one I realised I had made an error last time I moved the Slingbox. The Cable Modem and Slingbox had been moved to the same shelf. I wasn’t until I was packing up the old Slingbox I found it had the wrong power supply attached.

I checked and I had plugged the Slingbox 6v PSU into the Cable Modem, and the Cable Modem 12v PSU into the Slingbox. So for a few months I have been giving it 6v more than it needed. No wonder it was playing up. I haven’t actually tested if it will work, but offered it free to a friend who will have to test if it works.

So the New SlingBox Pro

The new box is working fine. I have also upgraded the firmware to the latest US version. Everything now seems to be working fine with one exception.

I now have a Nokia N95 8Gb phone. The Slingbox Mobile software works if I connect on the local network. I have also had friends (in Oxford and South Carolina) access the Slingbox, but I can’t use the mobile software if I use O2’s 3G service.

Shortly I will make a post on the O2 forum to see if this is a known problem (ie O2 is blocking) or my phone has a fault. I haven’t tested with my old O2 XDA Orbit phone, but not sure if this will help as it’s not a 3G phone. Guess I will have to live without day-time TV when on my lunch breaks.

Right,must get back to watching TV.

Slingbox, the best Gadget ever

Slingbox ClassicThat may seem to be a big statement, and I have only had the Slingbox a week or two and wouldn’t want to get rid of it now.

So what is the Slingbox?? It’s a device that can stream your TV over local network and the internet, even on a PDA or phone (mobile software costs £20 currently).

Cable or Satellite boxes?? No problem.
DVD, Video, Hardisk Players/Recorders?? No problem.
Digital TV?? No problem. (not on Solo)
High Definition TV?? No Problem. (not on Classic)

Why did I choose the Slingbox?? I purchased a Video Sender prior to this and as operated on 2.4GHz interence was caused by my Wifi. Also couldn’t change channels as VirginMedia (ex-Telewest) remote uses IRDA signals.

It soon went back to the shop I purchased it from and eBayed a Buy-It-Now Slingbox Classic for £75.00. Bargain.

The photo is of my Slingbox in situ with a DVD temporarily above it to show it’s size.

I currently have a Cable Box and DVD player connected (although one cable for sound has to be manually changed if I switch via the software), and a Digital TV freeview antenna.

If you have local network at home, Cat5 or Wifi, I would advise to look at the Slingbox as a seriously cool Gadget. Visit the Slingmedia home page