Welcome WØTZO

Well it’s been hard not to mention too many places, but in December at Martin Lynch during their Hog Roast event, I took 2 USA Ham Radio tests. The Technician and General exams.

I passed the Technician (31/35), but failed the General (19/35). Not surprising as I didn’t study for the General exam. Should have used our new site www.hamtests.net (although site wasn’t finished at the time).

Anyway, yesterday I was granted my vanity requested callsign.

I am now (when I visit the USA) WØTZO.

I must thank Adam, WY4N who suggested the callsign and also warned me when I mucked up the application for the vanity call.

I was for about 3 weeks KJ4ISR, but was not for me.

Hoping to use the WØTZO moniker in May as I am planning to go to Dayton.

Slingbox Pro

slingboxproI was given some money by my Grandparents as my Uncle passed away last year, and amongst things like a new Ham Radio (see www.m0tzo.co.uk) I brought myself a Slingbox Pro. This was as my Slingbox Classic had stopped working.

Once the old Slingbox was removed and I was setting up the new one I realised I had made an error last time I moved the Slingbox. The Cable Modem and Slingbox had been moved to the same shelf. I wasn’t until I was packing up the old Slingbox I found it had the wrong power supply attached.

I checked and I had plugged the Slingbox 6v PSU into the Cable Modem, and the Cable Modem 12v PSU into the Slingbox. So for a few months I have been giving it 6v more than it needed. No wonder it was playing up. I haven’t actually tested if it will work, but offered it free to a friend who will have to test if it works.

So the New SlingBox Pro

The new box is working fine. I have also upgraded the firmware to the latest US version. Everything now seems to be working fine with one exception.

I now have a Nokia N95 8Gb phone. The Slingbox Mobile software works if I connect on the local network. I have also had friends (in Oxford and South Carolina) access the Slingbox, but I can’t use the mobile software if I use O2’s 3G service.

Shortly I will make a post on the O2 forum to see if this is a known problem (ie O2 is blocking) or my phone has a fault. I haven’t tested with my old O2 XDA Orbit phone, but not sure if this will help as it’s not a 3G phone. Guess I will have to live without day-time TV when on my lunch breaks.

Right,must get back to watching TV.

Think my Blog Needs more updates from me

keyboardIt seems to me I am taking longer and longer in between posts on my blog, so although I rarely make New Years Resolutions, maybe I need one regarding my blogging.

Also I have changed the theme to a simpler design and added a plug-in that should be better at caching the pages on both my blogs.

The Akismet logo showing how many spam comments had been blocked has also been disabled as a friend noticed this was slowing the loading of the site as well. Akismet itself is still enabled though.

I am in the middle of a few posts, and hopefully within a week or so should have some more stuff posted here.

Usual new year post like every other blog

Well it’s another new year, and like other blogs, and myself at the start of a new year I feel compelled to write a post with my thoughts for 2009.

So I already have some plans for the coming year.

Firstly in the next few days I should have my new USA Technician Callsign. I will then apply for a Vanity call as I know which one I want.

I am saving some money in the form of Thomas Cook vouchers so I can hopefully get to Dayton in May. Adam WY4N has offered to pay for the hotel room (and his guests help with a small monetary donation, which is cool to me). Also need to save some spending money.

In the next few days I should be getting my newly purchased Yaesu FT-817. OK, it’s only 5w, but if at the time years ago I couldn’t have afforded the FT-897 I would have got the FT-817. I guess I have always wanted one.

Now, D-Star??? I was thinking about getting a D-Star radio, but as it’s still in it’s infancy I will leave this technology for now. Maybe later in the year I might look at this again, but for now D-Star is not for me.

Finally before I go some websites I am working on or am hosting, please check em out:-

And many more!

Have a Happy new Year, and keep reading.